Pet Loss Support Group

Unity of Connellsville now sponsors a Pet Loss Support Group the 1st Monday of each month.  We begin at 6:30 p.m., coffee, tea and water available.  Facilitated by Rev. Donna Kopitsky, MA, MSW. 

Grief Counseling

Pets can bring us incredible joy and companionship throughout their lives. We can also experience incredible sadness and a sense of loss at their passing. In the past, it was more common to hear “it was just a pet” and people would move on. Somehow. Today, with pets living longer, healthier lives and enjoying such an integral position in the human family, grief over losing a pet is a serious concern.

One-on-one Grief Counseling, in person or over the phone is available for adults and children. In the very near future a Pet Loss Support group will be available.

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