Serving Animals of All Faiths

As a Pet Chaplain I minister to people who love and grieve for animals, whether the grief springs from animal death, illness, theft, or loss. As a Pet Chaplain I acknowledge the depth of feeling a person has for their animal and offer sympathy, support and deep listening.

Services I offer:

PRAYER Support:
Prayer for a lost pet, ill pet, prayer for your pet before your pet is having surgery, prayer for rescued animals to connect with their forever home. Praying with you and accompaning you during your final vet visit when your pet is ready to make his/her transition.

SPIRITUAL support:
Offering Spiritual Support during times of Grief, Loss and Transition via grief counseling for adults and children and a Grief Support for Animal Lovers who have lost their Beloved Pets.

EMOTIONAL and Spiritual Support:
Accompanying owners to the vet’s or animal hospital for the animals final visit and offer support and comfort to the owners immediately after the event. Report to Owners that are unable to attend the Sick Pet. Sit with owners at time of Surgery or Euthunasia.

MEMORIAL and Funeral Services:
Performing or helping with funeral services and offering support to families coping with grief and loss. Preparing Funeral, Interment, Scattering of Ashes Services or Memorial Services using either a Standard Services or one designed specifically to suit your special needs.
These services can be either Humanist, General Spiritual or Religious services.

VISITS to Pets without People:
Compassionate kindness-care offered to pets in shelters, rescues, kennels, foster homes and other facilities.

HOME Visits:
Visiting the family home and sharing the love of the animal with the non-working members of the family and children if desired. Many times the passing of a family pet is the first exposure children have with death and the realization of human mortality.

HEALING Treatments:
Hands-on and Distance Healing Treatments for any and all pets.

PET Blessings:
Blessings for all Pets under all kinds of circumstances. Available to bless pets at your event.