About Us

Thank you for visiting my web site!

I love animals! I consider my dogs, Buddy and Joey, to be part of the family. I know the joys they bring to me every day, their unconditional love and acceptance, their forgiveness and their differnet and unique personalities.

I also know the sorrow of losing a Beloved pet. Five years ago my Beloved Tyler an 11 month old black Lab puppy was hit by a car and killed. I was devastated, as at that time Buddy and Tyler were bestest buddies!! Tyler showed Buddy the joys of water! They played together, they went off on adventures together, they slept together.

After Tyler died I adopted Joey from the local Human Society. Joey has a great laid back temperament and I trained him and had him certified as a Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs international. Buddy and Joey tolerate each other. They are not bestest buddies. Joey is very gentle while Buddy, being a Jack Russell terrier is the athlete of the family. Some days they like each other, some days they don’t. There are time when the three of us snuggle together under a cover on the recliner. Soaking in all the love we can. Ahhhh … these are the unforgettable and precious moments of having a pet.

There are alot of people out there who don’t understand the animal human bound and the joys of raising a pet. I do and when I was ordained after two years of study in the New Seminary in New York City it was the deepest desire of my heart to make myself available as a Pet Chaplain. So I have created The Beloved Community Pet Ministry. I invite you to take a look around, see what is offered and request a service for your Beloved pet. I serve animals of all Faiths. Come back as often as you like and if there is anyway I can be of service to you and your pet, please let me know.

Reverend Donna M Kopitsky

spiritual leader of Unity of Connellsville-a center for spiritual growth